WFIA September 2019 Newsletter



The Great Shakeout

Checkout how you and your business can actively prepare and participate in the upcoming Great Shakeout. (Read More)


Earthquake Quick Tips

What should I do in an earthquake? (Download the PDF)


National Preparedness

September is National Preparedness Month. (Read More)


2019 Governors Industrial Safety and Health Conference Sept 23-24th

Did you know that Washington State holds an annual safety and health conference?  This year there will be more than 70 workshops over the course of two days. (Read More)

Workers’ Comp News


How to Earn a Workers’ Compensation Premium Discount

Every company in Washington with employees must buy workers’ compensation insurance. How much you pay is up to you. Most employers are required to purchase this insurance through the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I). Much like a safe driving discount, L&I offers a claim-free discount to those employers who provide a safe work environment. This discount can lower your premium by as much as 10% to 40%, which in turn, lowers your overhead costs. Keeping these costs low can be a competitive advantage within your industry.


How do you earn this discount? As an employer, you must avoid L&I paying wages to employees who spend time away from work due to an injury (time loss). If you can avoid time loss for a period of three years or more, your company could be eligible for the claim-free discount. Your first step is building a strong and proactive safety program and then, if injuries happen, bring your employees back to work as quickly as possible. In places where a small amount of time is missed while putting your light-duty job offer together, you can pay workers their regular wages instead of letting L&I pay time loss. These are your best tools to eliminate the compensable, indemnity claims that raise your rates and remove your eligibility from getting a claim-free discount.


Once you’ve avoided indemnity claims for 3 years, L&I will calculate your rates and then reduce them even further by applying the claim-free discount. Your discount depends on the size of your company and the number of hours you report, with larger companies earning a bigger discount.


Do you know if you qualify now for a claim-free discount or what you need to do to earn one? Contact your ERNwest Group Manager,, or Claim Manager for more information!

Upcoming Training


September 10 | Understanding Industrial Insurance Rates *

September 17 | Fundamentals of Claims Management *

September 24Using Kept on Salary and Modified Duty Effectively


View a full list of training.

L&I News


L&I wants your input! The Department is proposing changes to the employment rules that determine which workers in Washington are required by law to be paid at least minimum wage, earn overtime pay and receive paid sick leave. (Read More)


Questions and answers regarding overtime rulemaking. (Read More)


News Release

Proposed Washington state rule would restore labor protections for thousands of overtime-exempt workers. (Read More)


Proposed changes to Washington OT Rules Poster


Proposed changes to Washington OT Rules Poster (Other Languages)

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