Implementing Safety & Loss Control doesn’t just improve the workplace for your employees; it also improves your bottom line: employers who integrate and implement effective safety and health management programs are more likely to significantly reduce workplace injuries, Workers’ Compensation costs, and lost productivity. A safer workplace is more profitable, more productive, and more likely to benefit from programs such as Retrospective Rating. 

ERNwest can assist your company through a thorough Loss Control and Safety audit. Our Loss Control consultants are trained to identify and analyze hazards within your business, and to provide practical and sustainable strategies to help you manage your safety performance. Our Loss Control team has identified 10 program elements that all companies can specifically implement into their business plan to help drive their safety performance and reduce Workers’ Compensation costs.  

COVID-19 Safety Resources

Follow the link for the COVID-19 Resource Page

ERNwest can help you control losses and improve workplace safety with an effective program that fits your specific business and industry.

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