If you’re facing a workers’ compensation claim that’s simple, complex, or somewhere in between, ERNwest has you covered. We take an upfront and proactive approach, managing claims from the beginning so that there is the least impact to your bottom line. Our philosophy is simple: to make sure injured workers get the appropriate medical treatment for their work-related injury, so they can get back to work as soon as possible. 

Each of our clients have a single claims manager assigned to them. These claims managers have all worked at state-level private insurance, vocational, or safety positions, and utilize this experience alongside our resources to give clients a thorough, well-rounded approach to claims management. Our ERNwest Claims Team has the most experience in Washington, utilizing the right resources at the right time, making sure claims are managed efficiently and effectively and keeping your best interest and bottom line in mind.

ERNwest can help your company save money by managing your workers' compensation program.

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