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Safe + Sound Week

Safe and Sound Week is a nationwide event held August 10-16 that recognizes the successes of workplace health and safety. Learn more.

Heat Stress Program

Sunshine and warm temperatures are a welcoming sign; however, it can quickly become a medical emergency when employees become overheated. GRIP would like to remind members that an Outdoor Heat Exposure Plan must be part of your written accident prevention program, May 1 – September 30.  Get more information on how to implement a Heat Exposure Plan.

Are your employee’s glasses fogging up?

The requirements of face covings and respirators have brought challenges to employees who wear safety or prescription glasses. The main challenge is the fogging of glasses which can cause additional safety hazards. Get tips to help prevent fogging. 

Respirator Fit Testing

Qualitative Fit Testing is the new buzz word and has many employers scratching their heads. If your business requires employees to wear respirators you are required to perform a fit test. View a recorded Qualitative Fit Testing Webinar and learn what you need to know about employee fit testing. 

Go to for more Respirator Fit Testing resources.

Attend an ERNwest webinar to discuss the types of respirators that can be qualitatively fit tested, why we need to fit test respirators and the steps to perform a qualitative fit test.

July 30, Webinar, 10:00am | Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing
August 13, Webinar, 10:00am | Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing
August 25, Webinar, 10:00am | Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing

GRIP Safety

Access Toolbox Tips and general safety resources. Learn more.

Upcoming Training

GRIP Live Training

These GRIP-specific trainings benefit new members or members who would like to review the content. Click on the dates below for more information about the training and to register. *These trainings have been moved to a webinar.

August 4, *Webinar, 10:30am | Getting your GRIP on Claims, Comp & Safety
August 4, *Webinar, 12:30pm | Supervising for Safety

ERNwest Webinar Training

Select the dates below for more information about ERNwest-specific trainings and to register.

August 6, Webinar, 2:00pm | What is Retro*
August 18, Webinar, 10:00am | Fundamentals of Claims Management*
August 25, Webinar, 10:00am | Using Kept on Salary and Modified-Duty Effectively

View a list of all ERNwest trainin

L&I News

Are you getting the most out of L&I’s SAW program?  

Did you know that a portion of your workers’ compensation insurance premium pays for L&I’s Stay at Work (SAW) program? You already pay for the program, so if you’re not applying for reimbursements, you may be leaving money on the table!

What is the SAW program? It is a financial incentive program offered by L&I which reimburses employers for a percentage of claim costs when a temporary, light-duty job is provided to an injured worker during recovery.

Why take advantage of the SAW program?

  • You already pay for it!
  • You could receive up to $10,000 in wage reimbursements per claim.
  • It will not increase the costs of a claim or your future rates.
  • It can help reduce the burden of light-duty wages.
  • It helps avoid Time Loss and unnecessary work disability.
  • And the best reason of all—we can help with the paperwork!

SAW reimbursement services are included with you GRIP participation and are available at no additional cost to you. If you have a specific claim in mind, give us a call with the claim number and we will check for reimbursement eligibility. If the claim is eligible, you will need to secure timecards & pay stubs to submit to L&I. Any reimbursement checks get mailed directly to you!

Have questions? Download the ERNwest SAW flyer to find out more or contact Tom Nelson, SAW Coordinator, at 253-372-2357, or

Remember to report all incidents on the ERNwest website so that your claims manager is aware and can help guide you through the process. |

Per the Governor’s Stay Home and Stay Safe Order, MBAKS offices are closed through May 31 to keep staff members safe. Staff are well-equipped to be productive on your behalf from remote locations and can be reached via phone or email. Events and class cancellations are noted on the MBAKS Events Calendar.

GRIP Retro Questions?
Trish Leimbach, GRIP Group Manager | (253) 343-0153 |

GRIP Safety Questions? 
John Sevier, GRIP Safety Manager | (253) 300-6399 |

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