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Nail Gun Safety

Nail guns are an essential tool on many residential job sites, but each year serious injuries happen. Most nail gun injuries are puncture wounds to hands and fingers; however, more serious injuries have been fatal. It’s not just the nail gun users who are at risk. Workers and people nearby have also been injured by nails being misfired. Check out the CDC’s Nail Gun Safety Resource Page.

Worker Fraud

Federal Way roofer caught working while drawing disability payments. Read more.

Cold Stress

‘Tis the season for winter weather! Cold temperatures and increased wind speeds put workers at risk for cold stress and other weather-related hazards. Anyone working in the cold may be at risk. Access more resources and information on cold stress. Learn more.

OSHA 300 Electronic Reporting Rules 

The DOSH proposed changes to chapter 296-27 WAC: Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, adopt the same or similar language under federal revisions to OSHA Title 29 CFR Part 1904. The proposed changes to DOSH’s rule are required in order to be at least as effective as OSHA. Learn more.

Reporting a Hospitalization or Fatality

Over the last six months, ERNwest’s Safety and Loss Control team has received a number of questions regarding reporting accidents to Labor & Industries. ERNwest would like to remind GRIP members that employers are required to contact DOSH within 8 hours of a workplace fatality or in-patient hospitalization of any employee and within 24 hours of a non-hospitalized amputation or loss of an eye of any employee. Learn more about reporting requirements.     

GRIP Safety

Access Toolbox Tips and general safety resources. Learn more.

Workers’ Comp News


SAW Pays!

Did you know that a portion of your workers’ compensation premium is used to pay for the Stay at Work (SAW) Program? When you provide modified duty to your injured employees, Labor & Industries offers SAW which provides employers with 50% reimbursement of light-duty wages for up to 66 days or $10,000 per claim. You may also be eligible for reimbursement of tuition, training and tool costs while the employee is working light-duty. You can request wage reimbursement on claims going back as far as one year. A paid leave/vacation is not reimbursable.


In order to be eligible for reimbursement, the following must be in place:

  • Provider approved/signed Light Duty Job Description or Return to Work Form
  • Acquired payroll information for the light-duty period (pay stubs and time cards)
  • Completed application for wage/equipment reimbursement

Information needed to complete and submit the application:

  • Base wage amount paid during light-duty period
  • Address where L&I should send the check
  • Employee work shift (swing or graveyard)
  • Total number of days actually worked during the light-duty period
  • Do you still employ this worker?
  • If no, when was the last day of work?

Can’t find the time to complete the application process? We offer services to help employers capture their reimbursements by providing a list of possible reimbursable claims, submitting the correct forms and documentation to Labor & Industries and tracking the returned reimbursements. If you would like to take advantage of these services, please email us at


Download an informative SAW PDF.

Upcoming Training


Live GRIP Training

Select the dates below to sign up for GRIP-specific trainings. Lunch is provided.


OSHA 300 Recordkeeping

Federal OSHA has not made any substantive changes to the Recordkeeping rules in the past year. However, over the past three years there have been changes to the rules that warrant review each year to ensure every employer remains compliant with the rules. This training will cover the “Nuts & Bolts” of the process.

January 7, OSHA 300 Recordkeeping


Retro Claims, Comp, & Safety Strategies

You will be provided with strategies and tools necessary to be successful in the GRIP Retrospective Rating program. Industry experts will address keeping your workplace safe, keeping control of your workers’ comp claims, and how to best reduce your workers’ comp costs in the future. This is a great training for companies new to the group, as well as a refresher for established participants. Training is provided by Employer Resources Northwest (ERNwest), the third-party administrator of the GRIP program.

January 7, Getting your GRIP on Claims, Comp, & Safety


Supervising Safe Work Practices

It’s a common struggle for businesses and supervisors to motivate team members to follow safe work practices. It is even more difficult to engage, coach and discipline those members who are unwilling to follow company rules. This training focuses on strategies to supervise and manage safety effectively and efficiently within the organization. Join us to learn more about strategies to influence and improve overall team-member safety performance. 

February 4, Supervising for Safety


ERNwest Webinar Training

January 7, Understanding Industrial Insurance Rates*

January 9, What is Retro*

January 28, Using Kept on Salary and Modified Duty Effectively


OSHA 300 Recordkeeping and e-Reporting Webinars

Employer Resources Northwest is holding multiple webinar sessions covering OSHA 300 Recordkeeping. If you have questions about OSHA 300 record keeping or are new to record keeping requirements, this would be a great opportunity to learn. Go online to choose the session that best fits your needs.


View a list of all ERNwest training

L&I News


Washington’s Overtime Rules are Changing

The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) has updated the employment rules that determine which workers in Washington are required by law to be paid at least minimum wage, earn overtime pay and receive paid sick leave and other protections under the state Minimum Wage Act. These changes will affect executive, administrative and professional (EAP) workers as well as outside sales people and computer professionals across all industries in Washington. Learn more.


Remember to report all incidents on the ERNwest website so that your claims manager is aware and can help guide you through the process. |


GRIP Retro Questions?

Please contact Trish Leimbach, GRIP Group Manager at

(253) 343-0153 |


GRIP Safety Questions? 

Please email our Safety department at

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