Employee Resources



The Washington State Pharmacy Association, founded in 1890, is a professional trade association representing our member pharmacists, technicians, student pharmacists and pharmacies practicing in all areas of healthcare. Our members care for patients in community pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and long term care facilities. Our Retro Program is open to independent pharmacies and others within the healthcare/life sciences community. 

WSPA Retro Program’s key features are:

  • One of Washington’s oldest and successful retrospective rating program having been established in April 1986. 
  • Since 1986 WSPA Retro has averaged a 21% refund.
  • All program fees paid by WSPA.  Your only out of pocket expense are your WSPA membership dues.
  • Full funded and dedicated contingency reserve protecting plan participants from a retro assessment.
  • Professional, innovative and aggressive claims management services provided at no additional cost to help participating WSPA members keep their workers’ comp costs low.


In order to participate in this established retro program with a track record of success at a minimum you must:

  •  Be a member in good standing of WSPA.
  • Have an accident frequency and severity rate within acceptable limits.
  • Be willing to provide light duty return to work to injured employees.