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Washington Health Care Association’s Group Retrospective Rating Program

The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) offers Washington employers the opportunity to receive a refund on their workers’ compensation premiums through an optional program known as retrospective rating, or Retro.  Group programs, similar to large group insurance pooling, tend to provide the employer with greater refund potential at a lower level of risk, than individual programs.  The average group refund over the past five (5) years has been 20.2%

WHCA’s GRRP program is designed for companies that have a good loss history.  In order to participate in this program a company must have been able to contribute 30% to the group refund over a three year period of time with each claim being capped at the total premium paid for each year. 

The fee to participate in either of these programs for the 2013—2014 plan year is 4.95% of paid premium.  Participation Fees are refunded to participating members as a percentage of refund.

 GRRP Program

ERNwest assists WHCA with all aspects of program management.  The WHCA Retro Program has continued to grow stronger, recruiting top quality members, and earning higher  refunds.  As part of the WHCA Retro Program, the following services are available to members:

Claims Management

  • Aggressive and innovative claims management on all claims
  • Industry specific return-to-work programs
  • In-house Professional Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors
  • In-house Occupational Nurse Consultant
  • Claims managers staff claims on regular basis (monthly, quarterly, etc…)Physician Reviews on    complex claims

Safety / Loss Control

  • Accident Prevention Program/Safety Program Template
  • On site visits to assist in prevention and compliance
  • Safety Committee programs with monthly agendas & inspections
  • “Safety Committee in a Box”
  •  Accident investigation to discover root cause and mitigate future accidents
  • Workers’ Comp “Jump Start” Program

Legal Service

  • A staff attorney is assigned to protest and appeal decisions by L&I on your behalf
  • Protests and appeals are carried through the mediation process 
  • Employer attorney representation significantly reduces costs and invalid claims


  • On-site customized training on workers’ compensation and safety & health
  • Monthly Webinar Trainings: What is Retro, Understanding Rates, Basic Safety, and Fundamentals of Claims 101.  
  • All training provided at no extra charge to WHCA Retro Members


  • Monthly reporting of all claims costs, new and closed claims, and open claim actions
  • Quarterly loss runs with an easy to understand loss analysis
  • Direct confidential access to all staff via phone, e-mail, and fax


If you are interested in participating in the WHCA GRRP or have further questions, please call Stephanie Scheurich, Group Manager at 253-237-0837 or email sscheurich@ernwest.com