Employee Resources


The Life Science Washington (LSW) association is an independent, non-profit trade association serving the life sciences industry in the state of Washington. Our members include organizations engaged in, or supportive of, research, Development and commercialization of life science technologies. Our Retro Program is open to members of the life sciences and health care communities.   

LSW Retro Program’s key features are:

  • An average refund of 41% since program inception in 1999.
  • No up-front program fees.  Your only out-of-pocket expense is you LSW membership dues.  
  • Over $300,000 in dedicated contingency reserve funds to help protect your company and the rest of the group from a retro assessment.
  • Performance-based refund formula rewarding you for keeping your employees’ claim costs low.
  • Professional, innovative and aggressive claims management services provided at no additional cost.

In order to participate in this highly successful retro program at a minimum you must:

  • Be a member in good standing of LSW.
  • Have an accident frequency and severity rate within acceptable limits.
  • Be willing to provide light duty early return to work to injured employees.