Employee Resources



Phone: 800.433.7601  Direct: 253.237.0xxx (add extention)

Executive Management
x 827 John Meier President/CEO


Group Managers
x 823 Curran Bower Director of Program Management
x 833 Jayme McKay Group Manager,
x 808 Stella Hoyman Group Manager,
x 813 Don Nesbitt Group / Claims Manager
x 837 Stephanie Scheurich Group Manager, WHCA


Claims Management Team
x 815 Cherie McLaughlin Director of Claims
x 820 Kelbi Bower Claims Supervisor
x 846 Carey Anzelini Claims Lead
x 835 Charity Duke Claims Lead
x 877 Chris Baker Claims Manager
x 800 Tasha Bergren Claims Manager
x 841 Ronda Burke Claims Manager
x 836 Melissa Carr Claims Manager
x 825 Shannon Casey Claims Manager
x 809 Ashlee Day Claims Manager
x 816 Jessica Patterson Claims Manager
x 814 Erin Hauss Claims Manager
x 847 Suzanne Heeren Claims Manager
x 818 Lori Lindsay Claims Manager
x 830 Cynthia Hewett Claims Manager
x 816 Lisa Hiatt Claims Manager
x 845 Erika Hoff Claims Manager
x 834 Kim Kendall Claims Manager
x 824 Greg Lima Claims Manager
x 810 Gaby Nelson Claims Manager
x 839 Richard Willis Claims Manager
x 804 Katie Zurek Claims Manager
x 811 Lois Yi Claims Associate
x 821 Mary Logan Claims Associate
x 801 Savy Seng Claims Associate
x 842 Jennifer Zuber Claims Associate/Office Administrator















Return to Work Specialists

x 822 David McLaughlin Return to Work / Voc Manager
x 836 Josh Thorn Return to Work / Voc Manager
x 832 Megan Bjornberg Return to Work / Voc Manager
x 812 Michael Octave CSP CHST Director of Safety and Loss Control
x 831 Darrell Beaman Regional Safety and Loss Control Manager
x 819 Oscar Granger Regional Safety and Loss Control Manager
x 840 Shamus Harmon WHCA Safety Trainer
x 802 Erin Dickinson Attorney
The Rest of Us
x 829 Erika Meier Payroll / AP
x 828 Gretchen Messer Director of Accounting and Administration
x 807 Kim Murphey Director of Business Development
  Tom Nelson SAW Coordinator
  Robin Baker SAW Coordinator