Employee Resources

Return to Work

We know that when an injured employee is off of work, it costs the employee and the employer money.  We also know that when employees are returned to work quickly, they recover faster, and to a fuller extent, than not being returned to work at all.  While the facts are simple, returning an injured employee to work can, be daunting for employers.

ERNwest has invested in three, full time, certified vocational rehabilitation counselors.  These “Return to Work Managers”, assist our claims staff and clients in returning injured employees to work as quickly and safely as possible.  Our staff works with medical providers, employers, and the injured workers, to find a job that will match their employee’s reduced physical capacities.

In addition, our Return to Work Managers save the worker, the employer and the system money by assisting companies in:

  • Setting up formal return to work programs.
  • Expediting vocational services assigned to the claim by L&I.
  • Helping avoid vocational service referrals where practical.