Employee Resources


Regarding Claims Management:
"I am fairly new to a company and I am very impressed. I've been employed by places where you track your own
claims and try to follow them, this is not always easy...you do a great job of following up and gathering all the facts
My claims manager has been awesome to work with, she is very thorough! Thank you."
"I am very pleased with my claims manager's professionalism, timeliness and aggressiveness."
"Our claims manager is flat out excellent."
Regarding Monthly Reporting:
"I really appreciate the monthly reports, they help me to stay on top of open claims."
"The claim reports are very helpful, my claims manager calls just to check in, we appreciate her service."
Regarding Training:
"I am new to handling claims for my company, thank you for your help and training; my claims manager is so patient
with me!"
"My claims manager has provided excellent training to me. I feel that we partner together in a very effective manner
to manage our claims! She always takes time to answer questions and is supportive and encourages appropriate
steps in the claims process."
Regarding Time Savings & Communication
“You have minimized the time I have to spend to resolve workers' compensation issues, I appreciate that very much."
"I appreciate all of the effort to keep communication open and flowing (letters, progress reports, phone calls,
invitations for any questions, any time)."